Anne can speak at your event or function, and can speak knowledgeably and compellingly about a number of topics.

In the public sector, Anne has spoken in such diverse venues as the New York and California legislatures, the California Beyond the Bench forum for judges, and as an invited guest at California Governor Pete Wilson’s Focus on Fathers summit.

In the private sector, Anne has been a featured speaker at the Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop, countless fathers’ and ‘men in society’ talks and workshops, several Internet mastermind groups, and of course her various radio and television appearances.

Sample Speeches and Testimony

Testimony before Boulder City Council on Relocation of Armory Property Prairie Dogs

Testimony before the California Senate Education Committee on Proposed Affirmative Consent Law

Speech before the California Judicial Council on the Subject of Move-aways and In re: Marriage of Burgess

Speech before Governor Wilson’s California Focus on Fathers Summit


Watch and listen to Anne’s speech before the California Senate Education Committee on the Proposed (now passed) Affirmative Consent Law. This is an example of how Anne performs with only one day’s notice, regarding a subject she had to learn on the flight there, and delivering a speech she wrote sitting up until 3:00 a.m. that morning.