The below are people and businesses which I highly recommend, unreservedly, based on my own experience of receiving consistently superlative service from them. It takes a lot to impress me, and even more to get me to list someone here. If you decide to contact them, please do let them know that you got their name from me; also, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought of them!

Travel Agency: Uniglobe Paragon Agency - Palo Alto: 415-424-9499
Ask for Angelica; she is just incredible - a true miracle worker! She once got me round-trip, changable and refundable tickets to London, at the last minute, on Christmas eve, for $970.00!

Bed & Breakfast: Mill Rose Inn - Half Moon Bay: 415-726-7673
The Mill Rose Inn, in Half Moon Bay, is an absolutely gorgeous, romantic, fantastic Bed & Breakfast. The surrounding neighbourhood isn't great, but it is right near downtown Half Moon Bay, and fairly close to the Belle Vista Restaurant (see below)! Don't judge this book by its cover (neighborhood) - it is perhaps one of the most wonderful B&Bs I have ever seen!

Website Guest Book Services: Lpage
Lpage offers a free guest book service which allows you to set up your own, personalized website guest book, so that people who visit your site can leave their mark.

Ice Cream: Real Ice Cream - Santa Clara: 408-984-6601
Real Ice Cream (yes, that's the name of the place) is located at 3077 El Camino, in Santa Clara, just a block or two below Calabazas. It is on the east side of El Camino, and is in a small plaza, behind the "Lotus" chinese restaurant. It is between Calabazas and Bowers/Kiely. Trust me, this place is worth finding. In fact, it's easily worth a 1/2 hour drive, or more. It's a little hole in the wall, but the ice cream is *fantastic*. All made on-premises, with clearly superior ingredients, the only ice cream I'd had close in quality was my own homemade.

Furniture: The Magazine - Berkeley: 510-549-2281
The Magazine specializes in high end "name" furniture (such as that which is designed by famous architects, etc.). Their selection and knowlege are impressive, and their service is outstanding. Ask for Brian.

Hair Dresser: Jeanne Gitzen - Menlo Park: 415-323-0345
What more can (or should) I say then that I have sent hundreds (yes, really) of people to Jeanne over the years, and they have all been very pleased. Cut or perm, colour or crimp, you won't find a better hairdresser this side of the Mississippi.

Dog Rescue Organization: K9 Haven - San Jose: 408-249-4118
Some of you will remember my pleas for someone to adopt Princess, the sweet, little one-eyed terrier who was slated to be euthanized at the animal shelter; nobody would adopt her because of her missing eye, even though she was the sweetest little dog! K9 Haven came to bat for her, though, and rescued her from certain death. Thanks, guys! Send email to K9 Haven

Cellular Phone Service & Accessories: Cellular Connection, Inc. - Santa Clara: 408-556-0900
Ask for Reyna ("rain-uh"); she's wonderful! When I was looking for a headset for my Nokia 2160 (which are impossible to keep in stock), even though they, like everyone else, were out of stock, she quoted me a price, offered me a % discount off the price, kept me posted as to anticipated delivery of the next shipment, called me the moment they came in, and then when I got there, gave me a new, lower price with the same % discount! Superb service!