Anne is very media savvy, having had her own television talk show, her own radio shows, and, of course, her writing. She makes a great media guest, whether on camera, on air on the radio or podcast, or in print.

Television Show – Fathers Are Parents Too

Anne’s television talk show, Fathers are Parents Too, was aired on dozens of channels across several states, in the mid-90s.

Internet Radio Podcast – Monday Night Radio

Anne’s radio talk show-style podcast, Monday Night Radio, was an interview talk show on which she interviewed such luminaries as Arun Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson), Superstar veterinarian and star of Emergency Vets Kevin Fitzgerald, and many more. Listen to episodes of Monday Night Radio here.

Anne as a Guest Speaker

Anne can speak knowledgeably about all areas of gender law and policy, with an emphasis on fathers’ rights and the roles of men and boys in society, as well as on email law and policy, and email marketing practices. While having expertise in all of these topics, she makes these topics accessible – in plain English – for your audience.

Here are a select sample of Anne’s media appearances:

Media Appearances

Most Recent

Print: Spam blocklist SORBS shuts down after over two decades CSO Magazine, June 7, 2024

Print: GDPR year one: How did we make out?, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, July 23, 2019


Print: U.S. Lawyers: Should Your Firm Be GDPR-Compliant?, Bigger Law Firm, May 23, 2018

Print: GDPR: Conflicted Compliance,, January, 2018


Print: What Lawyers Considering Specialization Need to Know, ABA Law Practice Today Journal, November 14, 2017

Print: Letting the kids stay in the home while the divorcing parents move in and out. Is it realistic?, Washington Post, July 27, 2017

Print: Why You Probably Shouldn’t Fight for Sole Custody, Custody XChange, July 24, 2017

Print: Which initiatives should be a part of your program to be compliant with GDPR?, ERPScan, June 10, 2017


Print: Dads’ rights: the rise of firms for fathers going through divorce , The Guardian, October 15, 2016

Print: How Can More Lawyers Become Tech Company CEOs?, IP, September 22, 2016

Print: How Cyberstalking Your Ex can Ruin Your Divorce, AVVO, September 2, 2016

Print: Divorce and Money: How Much Would You Lose?,, August 22, 2016

Print: 5 Common Subscriptions That Are Nearly Impossible to Cancel, Go Banking Rates, July 11, 2016

Print: Wearable Tech and the Impact on Cases and eDiscovery, Discoverq, July 7, 2016

Print: Women and the Draft, Bustle, June 21, 2016

Print: Customer Retention Strategies: 30 Experts Share Their Most Effective Tactics and Techniques for Retaining Customers, NG Data, June 17, 2016

Print: 8 Reasons it’s a Good Idea to Befriend Your Ex, MSN News, February 19, 2016


Print: The Number of Male Domestic Abuse Victims Is Shockingly High — So Why Don’t We Hear About Them?, Yahoo News, October 26, 2015

Print: Implementing Email Usage Policies in the Workplace, Precast Inc., September/October 2015

Print: Badmouthing Your Ex, Solo Parent, July 30, 2015

Radio:Issues with Affirmative Consent Laws and Campus Sexual Abuse Policies, Issues Today Radio with Bob Gourley, October 27, 2014


Print: How to Increase Your Email Marketing ROI and Throw Your Customers a Big Party (Guest author) Only Influencers, October 8, 2014

Radio: What’s Wrong with California’s New Affirmative Consent Law, Legally Speaking with Karen Conti, WGN Radio, Chicago, October 6, 2014



Radio: Fathers’ Rights & Cooperative Co-parenting, Parenting Talk Radio with Larry Agresto, July 29, 2014




Print: The Slippery Slope of Email Acquisition (Guest author) Only Influencers, June 25, 2014

Print: California Bill Brings Government Into the Bedroom Real Clear Politics, June 9, 2014

Radio: Defending Your Fatherhood, Parenting Talk Radio with Larry Agresto, May 20, 2014

Print: The Rule of Law? Mothers Vs Fathers, Infrakshun, February 23, 2014


Previous Years

Defending Your Fatherhood in a Broken Family Law System, Uncommon Law Radio with Kurt Law, October 28, 2012

Top 50 Law Professors on Twitter, Worldwide Learn, March, 2012


Study: Divorce harder on children than a parent’s death, shortens children’s own lives, Deseret News, May 12, 2011


Indepth with Anne P. Mitchell Esq – Father’s Rights Advocate The IndepthYOU Show, October 29, 2010

Fathers Have Rights Too, Monday Night Radio, September 7, 2010


Email Segmentation for Higher ROI, Website Magazine, February 5, 2009


Anne Mitchell on email accreditation and SuretyMail, Email Marketing Reports, July, 2008

CAN-SPAM New Rules Require Single Action Email Opt-Out, Designated Senders – 4 Tips, Email Universe, June 6, 2008


Interview with Anne P. Mitchell, Canada’s Association of IT Professionals (CIPS), May, 2006

Anne Mitchell Clarifies The McCain Amendment, Spyware Guide, April 18, 2006


How the Evil Twin is the Newest Dangerous Thing People Do on the Internet that Doesn’t Seem Dangerous at All, Internet ScamBusters, June, 2005

7 Dangerous Thing People Do on the Internet That Don’t Seem Dangerous at All, Internet ScamBusters, May, 2005

CIPS Connections: Stephen Ibaraki Interviews Anne P. Mitchell, Stephan Ibaraki, March, 2005


Port25 Among First to Integrate Yahoo DomainKeys Email Authentication Technology, Port25, May 24, 2004


Habeas Haiku Splatters Spam, July 1, 2003

Spam Suits Seek Poetic Justice, Cnet News, April 4, 2003


Team players or tools of the patriarchy?,, July 6, 2000

Media3 Sues MAPS for RBL Listing, DM News, December 15, 2000


A System Out of Control: The Epidemic of False Allegations of Child Abuse, Penthouse, November, 1994