“A real woman is never too old!
[Cher – Mermaids]

Who am I? I am:

My Favourites:

  • Pizza: Vito’s true New York pizza!..1155 Reed Ave. off Lawrence in Sunnyvale
  • NoCal Restaurant: Bella Vista
  • SoCal Restaurant: Inn of the 7th Ray
  • Female: my daughter
  • Male:
  • Place: wherever home and my favourite people are
  • Position: the mercenary position [it’s a joke..get it?]
  • Truism: I’m not *playing* hard to get
  • Lyrical Descriptor:

Annie sits you down to eat
She always makes you welcome in
Cats and babies ’round her feet
And all are fat and none are thin
None are thin and all are fat
She may bake some brownies today
Saying, you are welcome back
She is another canyon lady.

Speaking of which, here are some of my favourite recipes.

About my starting, eating low fat, etc…

Places I highly recommend.


  • “Or don’t yuppiescumlawyershedevilpastamakingcellularphoneowningbeepertotingsubhumanoids need sleep?” – That Sal Guy
  • “I can see the appeal of catatonia” – Me
  • [upon being asked what *that* is on the grill:
    “It’s caligulated turkey” – That Marcel Guy
  • [Referring to the shapes available on the new pasta machine:
    And it even has a bagel font!” – Me, proving once again I geek, therefore I am.
  • (And in case the above doesn’t prove it to your satisfaction:
    “I need a docking station for my purse”
    – Me, demonstrating that I am, in fact, a portable geek.