Anne is a natural-born advocate, having advocated for those in need from a very early age. In fact, at the age of 8, she successfully created a campaign to find homes for three kittens which were going to be euthanized if homes were not found for them. She hand-drew posters featuring three kittens, standing on their hind legs, lined up at a door, with the kitten closest to the door knocking on it. Underneath she wrote “3 kittens are knocking at death’s door – don’t open it for them!” All three kittens found homes.

And at the age of 20, as a brand new mother, Anne successfully organized a mothers’ milk drive for an adopted infant, Cindy Callow, hundreds of miles away. She got media coverage, organized volunteers, and convinced local supermarkets to donate coolers and ice every week, and Alleghany airlines to fly the weekly shipment of frozen mothers’ milk from Buffalo to Long Island, New York. The infant’s mother, Pat Callow, credits Anne with helping to save Cindy’s life. One of Anne’s proudest moments was meeting Cindy, and receiving a portrait of her inscribed “To my angel in Buffalo.”

More recent advocacy includes testifying before the Boulder City Council on the issue of Prairie Dog relocation, and before the California Senate Education committee in regards to California’s sexual assault on campus law.

[Listen to and watch Anne’s legislative testimony here.]

But Anne is perhaps best known for her advocacy work as one of the first fathers’ rights attorneys in the country, and then, later, one of the first anti-spam attorneys in the country. She has carried forward these dual roles in her ongoing advocacy through both Dads, and as CEO of the ISIPP SuretyMail email certification organization.

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