Anne has been involved in gender law and policy, specifically with respect to men, for more than 25 years. A featured speaker on gender issues, and former professor of law, Anne's knowledge is both accessible and extensive. (Click icon for more details)


Anne is a multiply-published author, and has authored books, book chapters, papers, and articles in both the fields of mens' and children's advocacy, and in email policy. She has also written laws, including existing Federal law. (Click icon for more details)


Anne is a dynamic speaker, covering such diverse topics as co-parenting after divorce, fathers' and children's rights, men in society, and email law and policy, all while making the subject accessible for a general audience. (Click icon for more details)

Media Work

Anne has extensive media experience in both television and radio, as well as writing as a guest author. Anne excels at taking complex legal and societal issues and making them accessible to your audience in plain English. (Click icon for more details)